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Calendar Year 2019
Cont. #: 4969
Bednaršek, N., R.A. Feely, E.L. Howes, B.P.V. Hunt, F. Kessouri, P. León, S. Lischka, A.E. Maas, K. McLaughlin, N.P. Nezlin, M. Sutula, and S.B. Weisberg (2019): Systematic review and meta-analysis towards synthesis of thresholds of ocean acidification impacts on calcifying pteropods and interactions with warming. Front. Mar. Sci., 6, 227, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00227, View online (open access).
Cont. #: 4902
Dziak, R.P., W.S. Lee, J.H. Haxel, H. Matsumoto, G. Tepp, T.-K. Lau, L. Roche, S. Yun, C.-K. Lee, J. Lee, and S.-T. Yoon (2019): Hydroacoustic, meteorologic and seismic observations of the 2016 Nansen ice shelf calving event and iceberg formation. Front. Earth Sci., 7, 183, doi: 10.3389/feart.2019.00183, View online.
Cont. #: 4796
Gruber, N., D. Clement, B.R. Carter, R.A. Feely, S. van Heuven, M. Hoppema, M. Ishii, R.M. Key, A. Kozyr, S. Lauvset, C. Le Monaco, J.T. Mathis, A. Murata, A. Olsen, F.F. Perez, C.L. Sabine, T. Tanhua, and R. Wanninkhof (2019): The oceanic sink for anthropogenic CO2 from 1994 to 2007. Science, 363(6432), 1193−1199, doi: 10.1126/science.aau5153, View online.
Cont. #: 4451
Hinckley, S., W. Stockhausen, K.O. Coyle, B. Laurel, G.A. Gibson, C. Parada, A.J. Hermann, M. Doyle, T. Hurst, A.E. Punt, and C. Ladd (2019): Connectivity between spawning and nursery areas for Pacific cod (Gadus macrocephalus) in the Gulf of Alaska. Deep-Sea Res. II, 165, 113–126, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2019.05.007, View online.
Cont. #: 4983
Olsen, A., N. Lange, R.M. Key, T. Tanhua, M. Álvarez, S. Becker, H.C. Bittig, B.R. Carter, L. Cotrim da Cunha, R.A. Feely, S. van Heuven, M. Hoppema, M. Ishii, E. Jeansson, S.D. Jones, S. Jutterström, M.K. Karlsen, A. Kozyr, S.K. Lauvset, C. Lo Monaco, A. Murata, F.F. Pérez, B. Pfeil, C. Schirnick, R. Steinfeldt, T. Suzuki, M. Telszewski, B. Tilbrook, A. Velo, and R. Wanninkhof (2019): GLODAPv2.2019 – an update of GLODAPv2. Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 11, 1437–1461, doi: 10.5194/essd-11-1437-2019, View online.
Cont. #: 4863
Roemmich, D., M. Alford, H. Claustre, K. Johnson, B. King, J. Moum, P. Oke, W.B. Owens, S. Pouliquen, S. Purkey, M. Scanderbeg, T. Suga, S. Wijffels, N. Zilberman, D. Bakker, M. Baringe, M. Belbeoch, H. Bittig, E. Boss, P. Calil, F. Carse, T. Carval, F. Chai, E. D'Asaro, F. d’Ortenzio, G. Dall’Olmo, D. Desbruyeres, K. Fennel, I. Fer, R. Ferrari, H. Freeland, T. Fujiki, M. Gehlen, F. Grant, B. Greenan, R. Hallberg, S. Hosoda, S. Jayne, M. Jochum, G.C. Johnson, K.-R. Kang, J. Klymak, A. Körtzinger, P.-Y. Le Traon, Y.-D. Lenn, G. Maze, K.A. Mork, T. Morris, T. Nagai, J. Nash, A. Naveira Garabato, A. Olsen, R.R. Pattabhi, S. Prakash, S. Riser, C. Schmechtig, C. Schmid, E. Shroyer, A. Sterl, P. Sutton, L. Talley, T. Tanhua, V. Thierry, S. Thomalla, J. Toole, A. Troisi, T.W. Trull, J. Turton, P.J. Velez-Belchi, W. Walczowski, H. Wang, R. Wanninkhof, A. Waterhouse, S. Waterman, A. Watson, C. Wilson, A.P.S. Wong, J. Xu, and I. Yasuda (2019): On the future of Argo: A global, full-depth, multi-disciplinary array. Front. Mar. Sci., 6, 439, Oceanobs19: An Ocean of Opportunity, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00439, View online.
Cont. #: 4890
Todd, R.E., F.P. Chavez, S. Clayton, S. Cravatte, M. Goes, M. Graco, X. Lin, J. Sprintall, N.V. Zilberman, M. Archer, J. Arístegui, M. Balmaseda, J.M. Bane, M.O. Baringer, J.A. Barth, L.M. Beal, P. Brandt, P.H.R. Calil, E. Campos, L.R. Centurioni, M.P. Chidichimo, M. Cirano, M.F. Cronin, E.N. Curchitser, R.E. Davis, M. Dengler, B. deYoung, S. Dong, R. Escribano, A.J. Fassbender, S.E. Fawcett, M. Feng, G.J. Goni, A.R. Gray, D. Gutiérrez, D. Hebert, R. Hummels, S.-I. Ito, M. Krug, F. Lacan, L. Laurindo, A. Lazar, C.M. Lee, M. Lengaigne, N.M. Levine, J. Middleton, I. Montes, M. Muglia, T. Nagai, H.I. Palevsky, J.B. Palter, H.E. Phillips, A. Piola, A.J. Plueddemann, B. Qiu, R.R. Rodrigues, M. Roughan, D.L. Rudnick, R.R. Rykaczewski, M. Seraceno, H. Seim, A. Sen Gupta, L. Shannon, B.M. Sloyan, A.J. Sutton, L. Thompson, A.K. van der Plas, D. Volkov, J. Wilkin, D. Zhang, and L. Zhang (2019): Global perspectives on observing ocean boundary current systems. Front. Mar. Sci., 6, 423, Oceanobs19: An Ocean of Opportunity, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00423, View online (open access).
Cont. #: 4893
Wanninkhof, R., P. Pickers, A.M. Omar, A. Sutton, A. Murata, A. Olsen, B.B. Stephens, B. Tilbrook, D. Munro, D. Pierrot, G. Rehder, J.M. Santana-Casiano, J. Müller, J. Trinanes, K. Tedesco, K. O’Brien, K. Currie, L. Barbero, M. Telszewski, M. Hoppema, M. Ishii, M. González-Dávila, N.R. Bates, N. Metzl, P. Suntharalingam, R.A. Feely, S.-I. Nakaoka, S.K. Lauvset, T. Takakahshi, T. Steinhoff, and U. Schuster (2019): A surface ocean CO2 reference network, SOCONET and associated marine boundary layer CO2 measurements. Front. Mar. Sci., 6, 400, Oceanobs19: An Ocean of Opportunity, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00400, View online.
Calendar Year 2018
Cont. #: 4748
Dziak, R., D. Bohnenstiehl, A. Lau, J. Conder, H. Matsumoto, J. Haxel, and A. Semple (2018): Lau Basin T-wave earthquake location catalog, 2009-2010 (investigators Dziak, Bohnenstiehl, Lau, Condor, Matsumoto, Haxel, Semple). Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA), Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS), doi: 10.1594/IEDA/324411, Data product at
Cont. #: 4760
Dziak, R.P., W.S. Lee, S. Yun, C.-K. Lee, J.H. Haxel, T.-K. Lau, H. Matsumoto, L. Roche, and G. Tepp (2018): The 2016 Nansen Ice Shelf calving event: Hydroacoustic and meteorological observations of ice shelf fracture and iceberg formation. In 2018 OCEANS MTS/IEEE Kobe Techno-Ocean (OTO), Kobe, Japan, 28–31 May 2018, View online.
Cont. #: 4639
Dziak, R.P., H. Matsumoto, R.W. Embley, S.G. Merle, T.-K. Lau, T. Baumberger, S.R. Hammond, and N. Raineault (2018): Passive acoustic records of seafloor methane bubble streams on the Oregon continental margin. Deep-Sea Res. II, 150, 210–217, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2018.04.001.
Cont. #: 4709
Li, T., L. Wang, M. Peng, B. Wang, C. Zhang, W. Lau, and H.-C. Kuo (2018): A paper on the tropical intraseasonal oscillation published in 1963 in a Chinese journal. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 99(9), 1765–1779, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-17-0216.1, View online (open access).
Cont. #: 4715
Wilcock, W.S.D., R.P. Dziak, M. Tolstoy, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., S.L. Nooner, D.R. Bohnenstiehl, J. Caplan-Auerbach, F. Waldhauser, A.F. Arnulf, C. Baillard, T.-K. Lau, J.H. Haxel, Y.J. Tan, C. Garcia, S. Levy, and M.E. Mann (2018): The recent volcanic history of Axial Seamount: Geophysical insights into past eruption dynamics with an eye toward enhanced observations of future eruptions. Oceanography, 31(1), 114–123, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2018.117.
Calendar Year 2017
Cont. #: 4430
Dziak, R.P., J.H. Haxel, T.-K. Lau, S. Heimlich, J. Caplan-Auerbach, D.K. Mellinger, H. Matsumoto, and B. Mate (2017): A pulsed-air model of blue whale B call vocalizations. Scientific Reports, 7, 9122, doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-09423-7, Available online.
Cont. #: 4605
Dziak, R.P., J.H. Haxel, H. Matsumoto, T.-K. Lau, S. Heimlich, S. Nieukirk, D.K. Mellinger, J. Osse, C. Meinig, N. Delich, and S. Stalin (2017): Ambient sound at Challenger Deep, Mariana Trench. Oceanography, 30(2), 186–197, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2017.240.
Cont. #: 4654
Dziak, R.P., J. Hong, S.-G. Kang, T.-K. Lau, J.H. Haxel, and H. Matsumoto (2017): The Balleny Island hydrophone array: Hydro-acoustic records of sea-ice dynamics, seafloor volcano-tectonic activity, and marine mammal vocalizations off Antarctica. In OCEANS'17 MTS/IEEE, Aberdeen, 19–22 June 2017.
Cont. #: 4711
Lindstrom, E.J., A.Y. Shcherbina, L. Rainville, J.T. Farrar, L.R. Centurioni, S. Dong, E.A. D’Asaro, C. Eriksen, D.M. Fratantoni, B.A. Hodges, V. Hormann, W.S. Kessler, C.M. Lee, S.C. Riser, L. St. Laurent, and D.L. Volkov (2017): Autonomous multi-platform observations during the Salinity Processes in the Upper-ocean Regional Study. Oceanography, 30(2), 38–48, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2017.218.
Cont. #: 4416
Okazaki, R.R., E.K. Towle, R. van Hooidonk, C. Mor, R.N. Winter, A.M. Piggot, R. Cunning, A.C. Baker, J.S. Klaus, P.K. Swart, and C. Langdon (2017): Species-specific responses to climate change and community composition determine future calcification rates of Florida Keys reefs. Global Change Biol., 23(3), 1023–1035, doi: 10.1111/gcb.13481.
Cont. #: 4440
Sigler, M.F., F.J. Mueter, B.A. Bluhm, M.S. Busby, E.D. Cokelet, S.L. Danielson, A. De Robertis, L.B. Eisner, E.V. Farley, K. Iken, K.J. Kuletz, R.R. Lauth, E.A. Logerwell, and A.I. Pinchuk (2017): Late summer zoogeography of the northern Bering and Chukchi seas. Deep-Sea Res. II, 135, Arctic Ecosystem Integrated Survey (Arctic EIS): Marine ecosystem dynamics in the rapidly changing Pacific Arctic Gateway, 168–189, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2016.03.005, Available online.
Calendar Year 2016
Cont. #: 4441
Bakker, D.C.E., B. Pfeil, C.S. Landa, N. Metzl, K.M. O'Brien, A. Olsen, K. Smith, C. Cosca, S. Harasawa, S.D. Jones, S.-I. Nakaoka, Y. Nojiri, U. Schuster, T. Steinhoff, C. Sweeney, T. Takahashi, B. Tilbrook, C. Wada, R. Wanninkhof, S.R. Alin, C.F. Balestrini, L. Barbero, N.R. Bates, A.A. Bianchi, F. Bonou, J. Boutin, Y. Bozec, E.F. Burger, W.-J. Cai, R.D. Castle, L. Chen, M. Chierici, K. Currie, W. Evans, C. Featherstone, R.A. Feely, A. Fransson, C. Goyet, N. Greenwood, L. Gregor, S. Hankin, N.J. Hardman-Mountford, J. Harlay, J. Hauck, M. Hoppema, M.P. Humphreys, C.W. Hunt, B. Huss, J.S.P. Ibánhez, T. Johannessen, R. Keeling, V. Kitidis, A. Körtzinger, A. Kozyr, E. Krasakopolou, A. Kuwata, P. Landschützer, S.K. Lauvset, N. Lefèvre, C. LoMonaco, A. Manke, J.T. Mathis, L. Merlivat, F.J. Millero, P.M.S. Monteiro, D.R. Munro, A. Murata, T. Newberger, A.M. Omar, T. Ono, K. Paterson, D. Pearce, D. Pierrot, L.L. Robbins, S. Saito, J. Salisbury, R. Schlitzer, B. Schneider, R. Schweitzer, R. Sieger, I. Skjelvan, K.F. Sullivan, S.C. Sutherland, A.J. Sutton, K. Tadokoro, M. Telszewski, M. Tuma, S.M.A.C. van Heuven, D. Vandemark, B. Ward, A.J. Watson, and S. Xu (2016): A multi-decade record of high quality fCO2 data in version 3 of the Surface Ocean CO2 Atlas (SOCAT). Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 8, 383–413, doi: 10.5194/essd-8-383-2016.
Cont. #: 4458
Gao, R.S., H. Telg, R.J. McLaughlin, S.J. Ciciora, L.A. Watts, M.S. Richardson, J.P. Schwarz, A.E. Perring, T.D. Thornberry, A.W. Rollins, M.Z. Markovic, T.S. Bates, J.E. Johnson, and D.W. Fahey (2016): A light-weight, high-sensitivity particle spectrometer for PM2.5 aerosol measurements. Aerosol Sci. Tech., 50(1), 88–99, doi: 10.1080/02786826.2015.1131809.
Cont. #: 4220
Hurst, T.P., B.J. Laurel, J.T. Mathis, and L.R. Tabosa (2016): Effects of elevated CO2 levels on eggs and larvae of a North Pacific flatfish. ICES J. Mar. Sci., 73, 981–990, doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsv050, Published online.
Calendar Year 2015
Cont. #: 4268
Barton, A., G.G. Waldbusser, R.A. Feely, S.B. Weisberg, J.A. Newton, B. Hales, S. Cudd, B. Eudeline, C.J. Langdon, I. Jefferds, T. King, A. Suhrbier, and K. McLaughlin (2015): Impacts of coastal acidification on the Pacific Northwest shellfish industry and adaptation strategies implemented in response. Oceanography, 28(2), 146–159, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2015.38.
Cont. #: 4208
Dziak, R.P., D.R. Bohnenstiehl, E.T. Baker, H. Matsumoto, J. Caplan-Auerbach, R.W. Embley, S.G. Merle, S.L. Walker, T.-K. Lau, and W.W. Chadwick, Jr. (2015): Long-term explosive degassing and debris flow activity at West Mata submarine volcano. Geophys. Res. Lett., 42(5), 1480–1487, doi: 10.1002/2014GL062603.
Cont. #: 4162
Dziak, R.P., D.R. Bohnenstiehl, K.M. Stafford, H. Matsumoto, M. Park, W.S. Lee, M.J. Fowler, T.-K. Lau, J.H. Haxel, and D.K. Mellinger (2015): Sources and levels of ambient ocean sound near the Antarctic Peninsula. PLoS ONE, 10(4), e0123425, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0123425.
Cont. #: 4342
Jung, T., F. Doblas-Reyes, H. Goessling, V. Guemas, C. Bitz, C. Buontempo, R. Caballero, E. Jakobson, J. Jungclaus, M. Karcher, T. Koenigk, D. Matei, J. Overland, T. Spengler, and S. Yang (2015): Polar-lower latitude linkages and their role in weather and climate prediction. Bull. Am. Meteorol. Soc., 96(11), Barcelona, Spain, 10–12 December 2014, 197–200, doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-15-00121.1, International Workshop on Polar-lower Latitude Linkages in Weather and Climate Prediction.
Cont. #: 4400
Le Quéré, C., R. Moriarty, R.M. Andrew, J.G. Canadell, S. Sitch, J.I. Korsbakken, G.P. Peters, R.J. Andres, T.A. Boden, P. Friedlingstein, R.A. Houghton, J.I. House, R.F. Keeling, G. Marland, P. Tans, A. Arneth, D.C.E. Bakker, L. Barbero, L. Bopp, J. Chang, F. Chevallier, L.P. Chini, P. Ciais, M. Fader, R.A. Feely, T. Gkritzalis, I. Harris, J. Hauck, T. Ilyana, A.K. Jain, E. Kato, V. Kitidis, K. Klein Goldewijk, C. Koven, P. Landschützer, S.K. Lauvset, N. Lefèvre, A. Lenton, I.D. Lima, N. Metzl, F. Millero, D. Munro, A. Murata, J.E.M.S. Nabel, S. Nakaoka, Y. Nojiri, K. O'Brien, A. Olsen, T. Ono, F.F. Pérez, B. Pfeil, D, Pierrot, B. Poulter, G. Rehder, C. Rödenbeck, S. Saito, U. Schuster, J. Schwinger, R. Séférian, T. Steinhoff, B.D. Stocker, A.J. Sutton, T. Takahashi, B. Tilbrook, I. van der Laan-Luijkx, G.R. van der Werf, S. van Heuven, D. Vandemark, N. Viovy, A. Wiltshire, and S. Zaehle (2015): Global Carbon Budget 2015. Earth Sys. Sci. Data, 7, 349–396, doi: 10.5194/essd-7-349-2015.
Cont. #: 4269
McLaughlin, K., S.B. Weisberg, A.G. Dickson, G.E. Hofmann, J.A. Newton, D. Aseltine-Neilson, A. Barton, S. Cudd, R.A. Feely, I.W. Jefferds, E.B. Jewett, T. King, C.J. Langdon, S. McAfee, D. Pleschner-Steele, and B. Steele (2015): Core principles of the California Current Acidification Network: Linking chemistry, physics, and ecological effects. Oceanography, 28(2), 160–169, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2015.39.
Calendar Year 2014
Cont. #: 4051
Bakker, D.C.E., B. Pfeil, K. Smith, S. Hankin, A. Olsen, S.R. Alin, C. Cosca, S. Harasawa, A. Kozyr, Y. Nojiri, K.M. O'Brien, U. Schuster, M. Telszewski, B. Tilbrook, C. Wada, J. Akl, L. Barbero, N. Bates, J. Boutin, W.-J. Cai, R.D. Castle, F.P. Chavez, L. Chen, M. Chierici, K. Currie, H.J.W. de Baar, W. Evans, R.A. Feely, A. Fransson, Z. Gao, B. Hales, N. Hardman-Mountford, M. Hoppema, W.-J. Huang, C.W. Hunt, B. Huss, T. Ichikawa, T. Johannessen, E.M. Jones, S.D. Jones, S. Jutterström, V. Kitidis, A. Körtzinger, P. Landschützer, S.K. Lauvset, N. Lefèvre, A.B. Manke, J.T. Mathis, L. Merlivat, N. Metzl, A. Murata, T. Newberger, T. Ono, G.-H. Park, K. Paterson, D. Pierrot, A.F. Ríos, C.L. Sabine, S. Saito, J. Salisbury, V.V.S.S. Sarma, R. Schlitzer, R. Sieger, I. Skjelvan, T. Steinhoff, K. Sullivan, H. Sun, A.J. Sutton, T. Suzuki, C. Sweeney, T. Takahashi, J. Tjiputra, N. Tsurushima, S.M.A.C. van Heuven, D. Vandemark, P. Vlahos, D.W.R. Wallace, R. Wanninkhof, and A.J. Watson (2014): An update to the surface ocean CO2 atlas (SOCAT version 2). Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 6, 69–90, doi: 10.5194/essd-6-69-2014.
Cont. #: 4201
Caplan-Auerbach, J., R.P. Dziak, D.R. Bohnenstiehl, W.W. Chadwick, and T.-K. Lau (2014): Hydroacoustic investigation of submarine landslides at West Mata volcano, Lau Basin. Geophys. Res. Lett., 41(16), 5927–5934, doi: 10.1002/2014GL060964.
Cont. #: 4142
Dziak, R.P., H. Matsumoto, D.R. Bohnenstiehl, K.M. Stafford, M. Park, W.S. Lee, H. Klinck, M.J. Fowler, T.-K. Lau, J.H. Haxel, and D.K. Mellinger (2014): Sources of long-term ambient ocean sound near the Antarctic Peninsula. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Underwater Acoustics (UA2014), Island of Rhodes, Greece, 22–27 June 2014, 157–165. [PDF Version]
Cont. #: 4159
Matsumoto, H., D.R. Bohnenstiehl, J. Tournadre, R.P. Dziak, J.H. Haxel, T.-K.A. Lau, M. Fowler, and S.A. Salo (2014): Antarctic icebergs: A significant natural ocean sound source in the Southern Hemisphere. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 15(8), 3448–3458, doi: 10.1002/2014GC005454.
Cont. #: 4150
Matsumoto, H., R.P. Dziak, D. Bohnenstiehl, J. Tournadre, T.-K. Lau, M. Fowler, J. Haxel, M. Park, and W. Lee (2014): Antarctic's siren call: The sound of icebergs. In Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Underwater Acoustics (UA2014), Island of Rhodes, Greece, 22–27 June 2014, 403–410. [PDF Version]
Cont. #: 4393
McLaughlin, K., S.B. Weisberg, S. Alin, A. Barton, T. Capson, A. Dickson, B. Eudeline, D. Gledhill, B. Hales, T. Martz, and J. Salisbury (2014): Guidance Manual for Establishing a Land-Based Station for Measurement of Ocean Acidification Parameters. California Current Acidification Network (C-CAN), 48 pp. [PDF Version]
Calendar Year 2013
Cont. #: 3892
Bohnenstiehl, D.R., R.P. Dziak, H. Matsumoto, and T.-K. Lau (2013): Underwater acoustic records from the March 2009 eruption of Hunga Ha’apai–Hunga Tonga volcano in the Kingdom of Tonga. J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 249, 12–24, doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2012.08.014.
Cont. #: 4084
Hollowed, A.B., S. Barbeaux, E.D. Cokelet, S. Kotwicki, R. Lauth, P. Ressler, P. Stabeno, and C. Wilson (2013): Fish forage distribution and ocean conditions. NPRB BSIERP Project B62 Final Report, North Pacific Research Board, 416 pp, Available online at
Cont. #: 3878
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Cont. #: 3879
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Calendar Year 2012
Cont. #: 3792
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Cont. #: 3877
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Calendar Year 2010
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Calendar Year 2009
Cont. #: 3457
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Calendar Year 2008
Cont. #: 3078
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Cont. #: 3099
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Calendar Year 2006
Cont. #: 2860
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Cont. #: 2998
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Calendar Year 2004
Cont. #: 2571
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Calendar Year 2001
Cont. #: 2228
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Calendar Year 1999
Cont. #: 2087
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Calendar Year 1998
Cont. #: 1916
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Calendar Year 1996
Cont. #: 1725
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Calendar Year 1995
Cont. #: 1526
Fox, C.G., W.E. Radford, R.P. Dziak, T.-K. Lau, H. Matsumoto, and A.E. Schreiner (1995): Acoustic detection of a seafloor spreading episode on the Juan de Fuca Ridge using military hydrophone arrays. Geophys. Res. Lett., 22(2), 131–134, doi: 10.1029/94GL02059. [Full Text]
Calendar Year 1991
Cont. #: 1308
Lau, T.-K.A., and C.G. Fox (1991): A technique for combining SeaMARC I sidescan sonar and gridded bathymetric data to display undistorted seafloor images. In Proceedings, OCEANS '91 Conference, Honolulu, HI, October 1991, 1140–1145.
Calendar Year 1990
Cont. #: 1106
Fox, C.G., F.J. Jones, and T.-K. Lau (1990): Constrained iterative deconvolution applied to SeaMARC I sidescan sonar imagery. IEEE J. Oceanic. Eng., 15(1), 24–31, doi: 10.1109/48.46833.
Calendar Year 1986
Cont. #: 808
Hayes, S.P., D.W. Behringer, M. Blackmon, D.V. Hansen, N.-C. Lau, A. Leetmaa, S.G.H. Philander, E.J. Pitcher, C.S. Ramage, E.M. Rasmusson, E.S. Sarachik, and B.A. Taft (1986): The Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Studies (EPOCS) Plans: 1986–1988. Eos Trans. AGU, 67(18), 442–444, doi: 10.1029/EO067i018p00442.
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