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Melting sea ice in the Chukchi sea in June 2016 seen from the NOAA Twin Otter aircraft
Instrumented wave glider with Alaska glacier - Evans
Pelagic Trawl nets sample fish in the water column - Alex Andrews
North Pole with rainbow on July 5, 2010
Launching saildrone in Dutch Harbor AK ©Saildrone Inc. 2015

What's New

December 16, 2022

A typhoon, smoke from wildfires and increasing rain are not what most imagine when thinking of the Arctic. Yet these are some of the climate-driven events included in NOAA’s 2022 Arctic Report Card, which provides a detailed picture of how warming is reshaping the once reliably frozen, snow-covered region which is heating up faster than any other part of the world.

This year’s Arctic Report Card also features the most comprehensive chapter in the annual report’s 17-year history about how these dramatic environmental changes are felt by Arctic Indigenous people, and how their communities are addressing the changes. Additionally, a chapter on precipitation has been added reflecting an improvement in available data and showing the dramatic increase in precipitation across the Arctic in recent decades. 

Surface Air Temperature

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