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Melting sea ice in the Chukchi sea in June 2016 seen from the NOAA Twin Otter aircraft
Instrumented wave glider with Alaska glacier - Evans
Pelagic Trawl nets sample fish in the water column - Alex Andrews
North Pole with rainbow on July 5, 2010
Launching saildrone in Dutch Harbor AK ©Saildrone Inc. 2015

What's New

August 18, 2021
Map of the Chukchi Sea showing the track of a float as well as graphs of increasing temperature and chlorophyll concentration increasing from May to June with cloudy brown/green and clear images of under the ice.

During the first Chukchi deployment, floats resurfaced under a sheet of floating ice (ice floe), monitored and tracked the ice region for almost two months and detected an under-ice algae bloom (Stabeno et. al, 2020).  The bottom row shows the captured images with no bloom and/or algae.

August 18, 2021
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