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Salish Sea Sunset
Sampling plankton on the Rachel Carson

The PMEL 'Omics Program seeks to survey, describe, and understand oceanic biological community responses to physical and chemical oceanographic parameters.  We use state-of-the-art targeted metagenomics with custom bioinformatics, and other approaches to identify, quantify, and assess communities of invertebrates and fishes, and their food chains over their geographic ranges, time, and life histories. This knowledge aims to help enhance the U.S. blue economy and contributes to the NOAA mission to conserve and manage our coastal and marine ecosystems and resources.

What's Happening

April 01, 2022
Grey skys with Angie in a beanie and orange life jacket sitting next to a yellow buoy on a rigid inflatable boat

Reviewing checklist and final preparations to deploy drifting hydrophone buoys off... more