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Calendar Year 2021
Cont. #: 5060
Merle, S.G., R.W. Embley, H.P. Johnson, T.-K. Lau, B.J. Phrampus, N.A. Raineault, and L.J. Gee (2021): Distribution of methane plumes on Cascadia Margin and implications for the landward limit of methane hydrate stability. Front. Earth Sci., 9, 531714, Recent Advances in Natural Methane Seep and Gas Hydrate Systems, doi: 10.3389/feart.2021.531714, View online (open access).
Calendar Year 2019
Cont. #: 4927
Chadwick, Jr., W.W., K.H. Rubin, S.G. Merle, A.M. Bobbitt, T. Kwasnitschka, and R.W. Embley (2019): Recent eruptions between 2012 and 2018 discovered at West Mata submarine volcano (NE Lau Basin, SW Pacific) and characterized by new ship, AUV, and ROV data. Front. Mar. Sci., 6, 495, Pacific Deep-Sea Discoveries: Geological and Biological Exploration, Patterns, and Processes, doi: 10.3389/fmars.2019.00495, View online.
Cont. #: 4866
Johnson, H.P., S. Merle, M. Salmi, R. Embley, E. Sampaga, and M. Lee (2019): Anomalous concentration of methane emissions at the continental shelf edge of the Northern Cascadia Margin. J. Geophys. Res., 124(3), 2829-2843, doi: 10.1029/2018JB016453, View online.
Cont. #: 4722
Resing, J.A., and R.W. Embley (2019): Processed MARUM-Quest ROV dive navigation in the NE Lau Basin, from Revelle cruise RR1211. Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS), Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA), doi: 10.1594/IEDA/324777, View online.
Calendar Year 2018
Cont. #: 4719
Baumberger, T., R.W. Embley, S.G. Merle, M.D. Lilley, N.A. Raineault, and J.E. Lupton (2018): Mantle-derived helium and multiple methane sources in gas bubbles of cold seeps along the Cascadia Continental Margin. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 19(11), 4476–4486, doi: 10.1029/2018GC007859, View online.
Cont. #: 4639
Dziak, R.P., H. Matsumoto, R.W. Embley, S.G. Merle, T.-K. Lau, T. Baumberger, S.R. Hammond, and N. Raineault (2018): Passive acoustic records of seafloor methane bubble streams on the Oregon continental margin. Deep-Sea Res. II, 150, 210–217, doi: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2018.04.001.
Cont. #: 4555
Embley, R.W., and K.H. Rubin (2018): Extensive young silicic volcanism produces large deep submarine lava flows in the NE Lau Basin. Bull. Volcanol., 80, 36, doi: 10.1007/s00445-018-1211-7, View online.
Calendar Year 2017
Cont. #: 4592
Embley, R., N. Raineault, S. Merle, T. Baumberger, S. Seabrook, and S. Hammond (2017): Water column and cold seep exploration of the Cascadia Margin. Oceanography, 30(1), supplement, New Frontiers in Ocean Exploration: The E/V Nautilus, NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer, and R/V Falkor 2016 Field Season, 28–30, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2017.supplement.01, Available online.
Cont. #: 4585
Schnur, S.R., W.W. Chadwick, Jr., R.W. Embley, V.L. Ferrini, C.E.J. de Ronde, K.V. Cashman, N. Deardorff, S.G. Merle, R.P. Dziak, J. Haxel, and H. Matsumoto (2017): A decade of volcanic construction and destruction at the summit of NW-Rota-1 Seamount: 2004–2014. J. Geophys. Res., 122(3), 1558–1584, doi: 10.1002/2016JB013742.
Calendar Year 2015
Cont. #: 3942
de Ronde, C.E.J., W.W. Chadwick, Jr., R.G. Ditchburn, R.W. Embley, V. Tunnicliffe, E.T. Baker, S.L. Walker, V.L. Ferrini, and S.M. Merle (2015): Molten sulfur lakes of intraoceanic arc volcanoes. In Volcanic Lakes (Advances in Volcanology), D. Rouwet, F. Tassi, and J. Vandemeulebrouck (eds.), Springer.
Cont. #: 4208
Dziak, R.P., D.R. Bohnenstiehl, E.T. Baker, H. Matsumoto, J. Caplan-Auerbach, R.W. Embley, S.G. Merle, S.L. Walker, T.-K. Lau, and W.W. Chadwick, Jr. (2015): Long-term explosive degassing and debris flow activity at West Mata submarine volcano. Geophys. Res. Lett., 42(5), 1480–1487, doi: 10.1002/2014GL062603.
Cont. #: 4214
Hammond, S.R., R.E. Embley, and E.T. Baker (2015): The NOAA Vents Program 1983 to 2013: Thirty years of ocean exploration and research. Oceanography, 28(1), 160–173, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2015.17.
Cont. #: 4224
Lupton, J., K.H. Rubin, R. Arculus, M. Lilley, D. Butterfield, J. Resing, E. Baker, and R. Embley (2015): Helium isotope, C/3He, and Ba-Nb-Ti signatures in the northern Lau Basin: Distinguishing arc, back-arc, and hotspot affinities. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 16(4), 1133–1155, doi: 10.1002/2014GC005625.
Calendar Year 2014
Cont. #: 3920
Chadwick, W., D. Clague, R. Embley, M. Perfit, D. Butterfield, D. Caress, J. Paduan, P. Sasnett, S. Merle, and A. Bobbitt (2014): Interpreted outlines as shapefiles of the 1998 lava flows and eruptive fissures at Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge (investigator William Chadwick). Integrated Earth Data Applications (IEDA), Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS), doi: 10.1594/IEDA/321222, Data product at
Cont. #: 4132
de Ronde, C.E.J., S.L. Walker, R.G. Ditchburn, F. Caratori Tontini, M.D. Hannington, S.G. Merle, C. Timm, M.R. Handler, R.J. Wysoczanski, V.M. Dekov, G.D. Kamenov, E.T. Baker, R.W. Embley, J.E. Lupton, and P. Stoffers (2014): The anatomy of a veiled submarine hydrothermal system, Clark volcano, Kermadec arc, New Zealand. Econ. Geol., 109, 2261–2292, doi: 10.2113/econgeo.109.8.2261.
Cont. #: 4119
Embley, R.W., S.G. Merle, E.T. Baker, K.H. Rubin, J.E. Lupton, J.A. Resing, R.P. Dziak, M.D. Lilley, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., T. Shank, R. Greene, S.L. Walker, J. Haxel, E. Olson, and T. Baumberger (2014): Eruptive modes and hiatus of volcanism at West Mata seamount:, NE Lau basin: 1996–2012. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 15(10), 4093–4115, doi: 10.1002/2014GC005387.
Cont. #: 4139
Embley, R.W., Y. Tamura, S.G. Merle, T. Sato, O. Oshizuka, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., D.A. Wiens, P. Shore, and R.J. Stern (2014): Eruption of South Sarigan Seamount, Northern Mariana Islands: Insights into hazards from submarine volcanic eruptions. Oceanography, 27(2), 24–31, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2014.37.
Cont. #: 4184
Tamura, Y., O. Ishizuka, R.J. Stern, A.R.L. Nichols, H. Kawabata, Y. Hirahara, Q. Chang, T. Miyazaki, J.-I. Kimura, R.W. Embley, and Y. Tatsumi (2014): Mission Immiscible: Distinct Subduction Components Generate Two Primary Magmas at Pagan Volcano, Mariana Arc. J. Petrology, 55, 63–101, doi: 10.1093/petrology/egt061.
Calendar Year 2013
Cont. #: 3964
Chadwick, Jr., W.W., D.A. Clague, R.W. Embley, M.R. Perfit, D.A. Butterfield, D.W. Caress, J.B. Paduan, J.F. Martin, P. Sasnett, S.G. Merle, and A.M. Bobbitt (2013): The 1998 eruption of Axial Seamount: New insights on submarine lava flow emplacement from high-resolution mapping. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 14(10), 3939–3968, doi: 10.1002/ggge.20202.
Cont. #: 3993
Clague, D.A., B.M. Dreyer, J.B. Paduan, J.F. Martin, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., D.W. Caress, R.A. Portner, T.P. Guilderson, M.L. McGann, H. Thomas, D.A. Butterfield, and R.W. Embley (2013): Geologic history of the summit of Axial Seamount, Juan de Fuca Ridge. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 14(10), 4403–4443, doi: 10.1002/ggge.20240.
Cont. #: 3945
Deschamps, A., M.A. Tivey, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., and R.W. Embley (2013): Waning magmatic activity along the Southern Explorer Ridge revealed through fault restoration of rift topography. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 14(5), 1609–1625, doi: 10.1002/ggge.20110.
Calendar Year 2012
Cont. #: 3640
Baker, E.T., S.L. Walker, R.W. Embley, and C.E.J. de Ronde (2012): High-resolution hydrothermal mapping of Brothers caldera, Kermadec arc. Econ. Geol., 107, 1583–1593 (Society of Economic Geologists, 7811 Shaffer Parkway, Littleton, CO 80127 USA), doi: 10.2113/econgeo.107.8.1583.
Cont. #: 3962
Caratori Tontini, F., B. Davy, C.E.J. de Ronde, R.W. Embley, M. Leybourne, and M.A. Tivey (2012): Crustal magnetization of Brothers Volcano, New Zealand, measured by autonomous underwater vehicles: Geophysical expression of a submarine hydrothermal system. Econ. Geol., 107, 1571–1581 (Society of Economic Geologists, 7811 Shaffer Parkway, Littleton, CO 80127 USA), doi: 10.2113/econgeo.107.8.1571.
Cont. #: 3716
Chadwick, Jr., W.W., R.P. Dziak, J.H. Haxel, R.W. Embley, and H. Matsumoto (2012): Submarine landslide triggered by volcanic eruption recorded by in situ hydrophone. Geology, 40(1), 51–54, doi: 10.1130/G32495.1.
Cont. #: 3849
Embley, R.W., C.E.J. deRonde, S.G. Merle, B. Davy, and F. Caratori Tontini (2012): Detailed morphology and structure of an active submarine arc caldera: Brothers Volcano, Kermadec Arc. Econ. Geol., 107, 1557–1570 (Society of Economic Geologists, 7811 Shaffer Parkway, Littleton, CO 80127 USA), doi: 10.2113/econgeo.107.8.1557.
Cont. #: 3715
Leybourne, M.I., U. Schwarz-Schampera, C.E.J. de Ronde, E.T. Baker, K. Faure, S.L. Walker, D.A. Butterfield, J.A. Resing, J.E. Lupton, M.D. Hannington, H.L. Gibson, G.J. Massoth, R.W. Embley, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., M.R. Clark, C. Timm, I.J. Graham, and I.C. Wright (2012): Submarine magmatic-hydrothermal systems at the Monowai Volcanic Center, Kermadec Arc. Econ. Geol., 107, 1669–1694 (Society of Economic Geologists, 7811 Shaffer Parkway, Littleton, CO 80127 USA), doi: 10.2113/econgeo.107.8.1669.
Cont. #: 3785
Rubin, K.H., S.A. Soule, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., D.J. Fornari, D.A. Clague, R.W. Embley, E.T. Baker, M.R. Perfit, D.W. Caress, and R.P. Dziak (2012): Volcanic eruptions in the deep sea. Oceanography, 25(1), 142–157, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2012.12.
Cont. #: 3779
Shank, T.M., E.T. Baker, R.W. Embley, S. Hammond, J.F. Holden, S. White, S.L. Walker, M. Calderon, S. Herrera, T.J. Lin, C. Munro, T. Heyl, L.C. Stewart, M. Malik, E. Lobecker, and J. Potter (2012): Exploration of the deepwater Galápagos region. Oceanography, 25(1), S50–S51, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2011.supplement.01.
Calendar Year 2011
Cont. #: 3664
De Ronde, C.E.J., G.J. Massoth, D.A. Butterfield, B.W. Christenson, J. Ishibashi, R.G. Ditchburn, M.D. Hannington, R.L. Brathwaite, J.E. Lupton, V.S. Kamenetsky, I.J. Graham, G.F. Zellmer, R.P. Dziak, R.W. Embley, V.M. Dekove, F. Munnik, J. Lahr, L.J. Evans, and K. Takai (2011): Submarine hydrothermal activity and gold-rich mineralization at Brothers Volcano, Kermadec Arc, New Zealand. Mineralium Deposita, 46(5–6), 541–584, doi: 10.1007/s00126-011-0345-8.
Cont. #: 3643
Matsumoto, H., D.R. Bohnenstiehl, J.H. Haxel, R.P. Dziak, and R.W. Embley (2011): Mapping the sound field of an erupting submarine volcano using an acoustic glider. J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 129(3), doi: 10.1121/1.3547720.
Cont. #: 3644
Resing, J.A., K.H. Rubin, R.W. Embley, J.E. Lupton, E.T. Baker, R.P. Dziak, T. Baumberger, M. Lilley, J. Huber, T. Shank, D.A. Butterfield, D. Clague, N. Keller, S. Merle, N. Buck, P. Michael, A. Soule, D. Caress, S.L. Walker, R. Davis, J. Cowen, A.-L. Reysenbach, and H. Thomas (2011): Active submarine eruption of boninite in the northeastern Lau Basin. Nature Geosci., 4, 799–806, doi: 10.1038/NGEO1275.
Calendar Year 2010
Cont. #: 3491
Chadwick, W.W., D.A. Butterfield, R.W. Embley, V. Tunnicliffe, J.A. Huber, S.L. Nooner, and D.A. Clague (2010): Spotlight 1: Axial Seamount. Oceanography, 23(1), 38–39, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2010.73.
Cont. #: 3490
Chadwick, W.W., R.W. Embley, E.T. Baker, J.A. Resing, J.E. Lupton, K.V. Cashman, R.P. Dziak, V. Tunnicliffe, D.A. Butterfield, and Y. Tamura (2010): Spotlight 10: Northwest Rota-1 Seamount. Oceanography, 23(1), 182-183, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2010.82.
Cont. #: 3591
Matsumoto, H., S.E. Stalin, R.W. Embley, J.H. Haxel, D.R. Bohnenstiehl, R.P. Dziak, C. Meinig, J.A. Resing, and N.M. Delich (2010): Hydroacoustics of a submarine eruption in the northeast Lau Basin using an acoustic glider. In Oceans 2010 MTS/IEEE Seattle, Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA, 20–23 September, 2010. [PDF Version]
Calendar Year 2009
Cont. #: 3457
Resing, J.A., R.W. Embley, K.H. Rubin, and NE Lau Response Team (2009): Eruptions in the NE Lau Basin. MARGINS Newsletter, 23, 12–14.
Cont. #: 3440
Torres, M.E., R.W. Embley, S.G. Merle, A.M. Tréhu, R.W. Collier, E. Suess, and K.U. Heeschen (2009): Methane sources feeding cold seeps on the shelf and upper continental slope off central Oregon, USA. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 10, Q11003, doi: 10.1029/2009GC002518.
Cont. #: 3286
Tunnicliffe, V., K.T.A. Davies, D.A. Butterfield, R.W. Embley, J.M. Rose, and W.W. Chadwick, Jr. (2009): Survival of mussels in extremely acidic waters on a submarine volcano. Nature Geosci., 2, 344–348, doi: 10.1038/ngeo500.
Calendar Year 2008
Cont. #: 3118
Baker, E.T., R.W. Embley, S.L. Walker, J.A. Resing, J.L. Lupton, K.-I. Nakamura, C.E.J. de Ronde, and G.J. Massoth (2008): Hydrothermal activity and volcano distribution along the Mariana Arc. J. Geophys. Res., 113, B08S09, doi: 10.1029/2007JB005423.
Cont. #: 3078
Chadwick, Jr., W.W., K.V. Cashman, R.W. Embley, H. Matsumoto, R.P. Dziak, C.E.J. de Ronde, T.K. Lau, N.D. Deardorff, and S.G. Merle (2008): Direct video and hydrophone observations of submarine explosive eruptions at NW Rota-1 Volcano, Mariana Arc. J. Geophys. Res., 113, B08S10, doi: 10.1029/2007JB005215.
Cont. #: 3243
Dziak, R., D. Bohnenstiehl, J. Lupton, W. Chadwick, R. Embley, J. Braunmiller, A. Trehu, S. Merle, M. Fowler, and J. Nabelek (2008): Time critical studies update. Ridge 2000 Events, 3, 44–45.
Cont. #: 3099
Dziak, R.P., J.H. Haxel, H. Matsumoto, T.K. Lau, S.M. Merle, C.E.J. de Ronde, R.W. Embley, and D.K. Mellinger (2008): Observations of regional seismicity and local harmonic tremor at Brothers Volcano, south Kermadec arc, using an ocean bottom hydrophone array. J. Geophys. Res., 113, B08S04, doi: 10.1029/2007JB005533.
Cont. #: 3233
Embley, R.W., C.E.J. de Ronde, and J. Ishibashi (2008): Introduction to special section on Active magmatic, tectonic, and hydrothermal processes at intraoceanic arc submarine volcanoes. J. Geophys. Res., 113, B08S01, doi: 10.1029/2008JB005871.
Cont. #: 3148
Lupton, J., M. Lilley, D. Butterfield, L. Evans, R. Embley, G. Massoth, B. Christenson, K.-I. Nakamura, and M. Schmidt (2008): Venting of a separate CO2-rich gas phase from submarine arc volcanoes: Examples from the Mariana and Tonga-Kermadec arcs. J. Geophys. Res., 113, B08S12, doi: 10.1029/2007JB005467.
Cont. #: 3090
Stern, R.J., Y. Tamura, R.W. Embley, O. Ishizuka, S.G. Merle, N.K. Basu, H. Kawabata, and S.H. Bloomer (2008): Evolution of West Rota Volcano, an extinct submarine volcano in the southern Mariana Arc: Evidence from sea floor morphology, remotely operated vehicle observations and 40Ar−39Ar geochronological studies. Island Arc, 17(1), 70–89, doi: 10.1111/j.1440-1738.2007.00600.x.
Calendar Year 2007
Cont. #: 3029
Deschamps, A., M. Tivey, R.W. Embley, and W.W. Chadwick (2007): Quantitative study of the deformation at Southern Explorer Ridge using high-resolution bathymetric data. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 259(1–2), 1–17, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2007.04.007.
Cont. #: 3162
Embley, R.W., E.T. Baker, D.A. Butterfield, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., J.E. Lupton, J.A. Resing, C.E.J. de Ronde, K.-I. Nakamura, V. Tunnicliffe, J.F. Dower, and S.G. Merle (2007): Exploring the submarine ring of fire: Mariana Arc—Western Pacific. Oceanography, 20(4), 68–79, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2007.07.
Cont. #: 2908
Resing, J.A., G. Lebon, E.T. Baker, J.E. Lupton, R.W. Embley, G.J. Massoth, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., and C.E.J. de Ronde (2007): Venting of acid-sulfate fluids in a high-sulfidation setting at NW Rota-1 submarine volcano on the Mariana Arc. Econ. Geol., 102(6), 1047–1061, doi: 10.2113/gsecongeo.102.6.1047.
Cont. #: 2803
Whitmire, C.E., R.W. Embley, W.W. Wakefield, S.G. Merle, and B.N. Tissot (2007): A quantitative approach for using multibeam sonar data to map benthic habitats. In Mapping the Seafloor for Habitat Characterization, B.J. Todd and H.G. Greene (eds.), Geological Association of Canada, Special Paper 47, 111–126.
Cont. #: 3063
Yoerger, D.R., A.M. Bradley, M. Jakuba, M.A. Tivey, C.R. German, T.M. Shank, and R.W. Embley (2007): Mid-ocean ridge exploration with an autonomous underwater vehicle. Oceanography, 20(4), 52–61, doi: 10.5670/oceanog.2007.05.
Calendar Year 2006
Cont. #: 2709
Chadwick, Jr., W.W., S.L. Nooner, M.A. Zumberge, R.W. Embley, and C.G. Fox (2006): Vertical deformation monitoring at Axial Seamount since its 1998 eruption using deep-sea pressure sensors. J. Volcanol. Geoth. Res., 150(1–3), 313–327, doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2005.07.006.
Cont. #: 2847
Dziak, R., J. Cowen, E. Baker, D. Bohnenstiehl, B. Chadwick, J. Resing, and R. Embley (2006): Detecting volcanic events in the northeast Pacific. Eos Trans. AGU, 87(4), 37–42, doi: 10.1029/2006EO040001.
Cont. #: 2893
Embley, R.W., W.W. Chadwick, Jr., E.T. Baker, D.A. Butterfield, J.A. Resing, C.E.J. de Ronde, V. Tunnicliffe, J.E. Lupton, S.K. Juniper, K.H. Rubin, R.J. Stern, G.T. Lebon, K.-I. Nakamura, S.G. Merle, J.R. Hein, D.A. Wiens, and Y. Tamura (2006): Long-term eruptive activity at a submarine arc volcano. Nature, 441(7092), 494–497, doi: 10.1038/nature04762.
Cont. #: 2843
Lupton, J., D. Butterfield, M. Lilley, L. Evans, K.-I. Nakamura, W. Chadwick, Jr., J. Resing, R. Embley, E. Olson, G. Proskurowski, E. Baker, C. de Ronde, K. Roe, R. Greene, G. Lebon, and C. Young (2006): Submarine venting of liquid carbon dioxide on a Mariana Arc volcano. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 7, Q08007, doi: 10.1029/2005GC001152.
Calendar Year 2005
Cont. #: 2789
Baker, E.T., G.J. Massoth, K. Nakamura, R.W. Embley, C.E.J. de Ronde, and R.J. Arculus (2005): Hydrothermal activity on near-arc sections of back-arc ridges: Results from the Mariana Trough and Lau Basin. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 6(9), Q09001, doi: 10.1029/2005GC000948.
Cont. #: 2733
Chadwick, J., M. Perfit, I. Ridley, I. Jonasson, G. Kamenov, W. Chadwick, R. Embley, P. le Roux, and M. Smith (2005): Magmatic effects of the Cobb Hotspot on the Juan de Fuca Ridge. J. Geophys. Res., 110(B3), B03101, doi: 10.1029/2003JB002767.
Cont. #: 2728
Chadwick, Jr., W.W., R.W. Embley, P.D. Johnson, S.G. Merle, S. Ristau, and A. Bobbitt (2005): The submarine flanks of Anatahan Volcano, commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. J. Volcanol. Geoth. Res., 146(1–3), 8–25, doi: 10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2004.11.032.
Calendar Year 2004
Cont. #: 2574
Baker, E.T., R.P. Lowell, J.A. Resing, R.A. Feely, R.W. Embley, G.J. Massoth, and S.L. Walker (2004): Decay of hydrothermal output following the 1998 seafloor eruption at Axial Volcano: Observations and models. J. Geophys. Res., 109(B1), B01205, doi: 10.1029/2003JB002618.
Cont. #: 2461
Butterfield, D.A., K.K. Roe, M.D. Lilley, J. Huber, J.A. Baross, R.W. Embley, and G.J. Massoth (2004): Mixing, reaction and microbial activity in sub-seafloor revealed by temporal and spatial variation in diffuse flow vents at Axial Volcano. In The Subseafloor Biosphere at Mid-Ocean Ridges, W.S.D. Wilcock, E.F. DeLong, D.S. Kelley, J.A. Baross, and S.C. Cary (eds.), Geophys. Monogr. Ser., Vol. 144, AGU, 269–289.
Cont. #: 2467
Cowen, J.P., E.T. Baker, and R.W. Embley (2004): Detection of and response to mid-ocean ridge magmatic events: Implications for the subsurface biosphere. In The Subseafloor Biosphere at Mid-Ocean Ridges, W.S.D. Wilcock, E.F. DeLong, D.S. Kelley, J.A. Baross, and S.C. Cary (eds.), Geophys. Monogr. Ser., Vol. 144, AGU, 227–243.
Cont. #: 2136
Embley, R.W., E.T. Baker, W.W. Chadwick, Jr., J.E. Lupton, J.A. Resing, G.J. Massoth, and K. Nakamura (2004): Explorations of Mariana Arc volcanoes reveal new hydrothermal systems. Eos Trans. AGU, 85(4), 37, 40, doi: 10.1029/2004EO040001.
Cont. #: 2485
Embley, R.W., and J.E. Lupton (2004): Diking, event plumes, and the subsurface biosphere at Mid-Ocean Ridges. In The Subseafloor Biosphere at Mid-Ocean Ridges, W.S.D. Wilcock, E.F. DeLong, D.S. Kelley, J.A. Baross, and S.C. Cary (eds.), Geophys. Monogr. Ser., Vol. 144, AGU, 75–97.
Calendar Year 2003
Cont. #: 2458
Dziak, R.P., W.W. Chadwick, Jr., C.G. Fox, and R.W. Embley (2003): Hydrothermal temperature changes at the southern Juan de Fuca Ridge associated with a Mw 6.2 Blanco Transform earthquake. Geology, 31(2), 119–122, doi: 10.1130/0091-7613(2003)031<0119:HTCATS>2.0.CO;2.
Calendar Year 2002
Cont. #: 2477
Nasby-Lucas, N.M., R.W. Embley, M.A. Hixon, S.G. Merle, B.N. Tissot, and D.J. Wright (2002): Integration of submersible transect data and high-resolution multibeam sonar imagery for a habitat-based groundfish assessment of Heceta Bank, Oregon. Fish. Bull., 100, 739–751.
Calendar Year 2001
Cont. #: 2225
Chadwick, W.W., D.S. Scheirer, R.W. Embley, and H.P. Johnson (2001): High-resolution bathymetric surveys using scanning sonars: Relationships between hydrothermal vents and geologic structure at recent eruption sites on the Juan de Fuca Ridge. J. Geophys. Res., 106(B8), 16,075–16,099, doi: 10.1029/2001JB000297.
Cont. #: 2321
Fox, C.G., W.W. Chadwick, Jr., and R.W. Embley (2001): Direct observation of a submarine volcanic eruption from a sea-floor instrument caught in a lava flow. Nature, 412, 727–729, doi: 10.1038/35089066.
Cont. #: 2135
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Calendar Year 2000
Cont. #: 1974
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Cont. #: 2063
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Calendar Year 1999
Cont. #: 2081
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Cont. #: 2038
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Cont. #: 2039
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Cont. #: 2085
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Cont. #: 2055
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Cont. #: 2083
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Calendar Year 1998
Cont. #: 1845
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Cont. #: 1875
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Cont. #: 1973
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Cont. #: 1896
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Calendar Year 1997
Cont. #: 1731
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Cont. #: 1721
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Calendar Year 1996
Cont. #: 1688
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Calendar Year 1995
Cont. #: 1525
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Cont. #: 1533
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Cont. #: 1631
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Cont. #: 1532
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Cont. #: 1615
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Cont. #: 1616
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Cont. #: 1530
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Cont. #: 1534
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Calendar Year 1994
Cont. #: 1424
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Cont. #: 1429
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Cont. #: 1459
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Calendar Year 1993
Cont. #: 1403
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Cont. #: 1421
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Calendar Year 1992
Cont. #: 1234
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Cont. #: 1301
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Cont. #: 786
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Cont. #: 1333
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Cont. #: 1331
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Calendar Year 1991
Cont. #: 1260
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Cont. #: 1109
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Cont. #: 1270
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Cont. #: 1246
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Calendar Year 1990
Cont. #: 1176
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Cont. #: 1139
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Cont. #: 1199
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Calendar Year 1988
Cont. #: 1147
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Cont. #: 981
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Cont. #: 924
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Calendar Year 1987
Cont. #: 942
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Cont. #: 840
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Cont. #: 854
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Calendar Year 1986
Cont. #: 893
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Cont. #: 839
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Cont. #: 739
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Calendar Year 1985
Cont. #: 877
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Cont. #: 805
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Cont. #: 778
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Calendar Year 1984
Cont. #: 672
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Cont. #: 663
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Cont. #: 631
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Calendar Year 1983
Cont. #: 589
Fornari, D.J., M.R. Perfit, A. Malahoff, and R. Embley (1983): Geochemical studies of abyssal lavas recovered by DSRV Alvin from eastern Galapagos Rift, Inca Transform, and Ecuador Rift. 1. Major element variations in natural glasses and spacial distribution of lavas. J. Geophys. Res., 88(B12), 10,519–10,529, doi: 10.1029/JB088iB12p10519.
Cont. #: 559
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Cont. #: 557
Perfit, M.R., D.J. Fornari, A. Malahoff, and R.W. Embley (1983): Geochemical studies of abyssal lavas recovered by DSRV Alvin from eastern Galapagos Rift, Inca Transform, and Ecuador Rift. 3. Trace element abundances and petrogenesis. J. Geophys. Res., 88(B12), 10,551–10,572, doi: 10.1029/JB088iB12p10551.
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