National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
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FY 1974

Distribution and variation of physical properties along the SEAMAP standard section

Reed, R.K.

NOAA Tech. Report ERL 292-PMEL 20, NTIS: COM-74-50334/3, 16 pp (1973)

This report presents results from data obtained during late summer of four years along the SEAMAP standard section, a quasi-meridional line (near 160°W) between the Aleutian and Hawaiian islands. The distribution of both temperature and density at 500 m is indicative of currents in the upper and intermediate layers. South of 35°N at 1000 and 1500 m, temperature slopes are not indicative of the weak density slopes. The density field at 2000 m is almost flat and reflects conditions in the deepest water; at 2500 m the temperature distribution is similar to that near the bottom. Variations from mean conditions were greatest at the upper levels south of 30°N and in a region near 40°N. Below 1000 m, however, they were quite small.

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