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FY 1985

The exchange of water in fjords: A simple model of two-layer advective reaches separated by mixing zones

Cokelet, E.D., R.J. Stewart, and C.C. Ebbesmeyer

In Proceedings 19th International Coastal Engineering Conference, Houston, TX, 3–7 September 1984, 3124–3133 (1984)

We propose a model for the two-layer, mean transport within a branched, recirculating fjord system. The recirculation is para-meterized in terms of efflux/reflux coefficients at distinct mixing zones. The mass fluxes and efflux/reflux coefficients are determined from long-term salinity and current meter observations. The model provides a way to predict the mean concentrations of pollutants introduced within the system. An application to Puget Sound shows that different discharge sites markedly affect the concentrations landward of the sites themselves.

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