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FY 1985

Dissolved trace metals in the surface waters of Puget Sound

Paulson, A.J., and R.A. Feely

Mar. Pollut. Bull., 16(7), 285–291, doi: 10.1016/0025-326X(85)90568-5 (1985)

Employing clean and quantitative techniques, a marine monitoring programme succeeded in detecting large surface elevations in the concentrations of dissolved Cu, Zn and Pb in the marine surface waters of Puget Sound adjacent to Seattle and Tacoma, Washington. Physical mixing with cleaner waters was the controlling factor in reducing the dissolved concentrations of Cu downstream of these contaminated regions. Comparisons between Puget Sound waters and coastal waters adjacent to Puget Sound suggest that a portion of this Cu, Zn and Pb pollution is being advected out of Puget Sound. The low Ni and Cd concentrations found in this study indicate that these trace metals are not a significant pollution problem in the main basin of Puget Sound.

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