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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 1968

Seamap deep-sea channel, Jan. 1969, 2 824 50 060

Grim, P.J.

NOAA Tech. Report ERL93-POL2 (1968)

The SEAMAP deep-sea channel is a relic feature on the Aleutian abyssal plain south of the Aleutian trench. Along most of its 370-length it has well-developed levees that are generally asymmetrical and differ in height. Typically the channel is about 50 m in depth and 6 km in width. From its northern end on the south wall of the Aleutian trench the channel floor rises towards the southwest from a depth of 4800 m to a minimum depth of 4590 m near its midpoint. Continuing in the same direction it deepens again to 4750 m. This gradient reversal precludes turbidity currents from flowing through the channel and supports the thesis that the Aleutian abyssal plain is a relic feature that has been cut off from its supply of turbidite material by the downbowing of the Aleutian trench. The channel apparently has been destroyed by slumping on the south wall of the trench north of the 4800-m contour. For much of its length, it is subparallel to the trench and from a topographic standpoint occupies the crest of the outer ridge south of the trench.

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