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FY 1983

An instrument system for the investigation of particle fluxes

Baker, E.T., and H.B. Milburn

Cont. Shelf Res., 1(4), 425–435, doi: 10.1016/0278-4343(83)90006-7 (1983)

We present the rationale, design, and use of an instrument system to measure the variability of vertical and horizontal particle fluxes. The system features a new sequentially sampling sediment trap which collects and seals 10 separate samples during a single deployment. Horizontal particle fluxes are simultaneously monitored with a beam transmissometer interfaced to a standard Aanderaa current meter. Results from a 10-week deployment of instruments at several depths in a deep fjord estuary indicate that the trapping rate increases from 0.5 g m day at 20 m to 150 g m day at 200 m (5 m above bottom) because of frequent erosion in the deep waters. Periodic flushing of the deep water by intrusions of marine water over the seaward sill markedly enhances erosion and causes an up-estuary particle transport comparable to the vertical particle flux originating at the surface.

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