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FY 1984

Possible evidence for enrichment of trace elements in the hydrous manganese oxide phases of suspended matter from an urbanized embayment

Feely, R.A., G.J. Massoth, A.J. Paulson, and J.F. Gendron

Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci., 17(6), 693–708, doi: 10.1016/0272-7714(83)90035-5 (1983)

Total and weak-acid-soluble trace elements in suspended matter from the Duwamish River and Elliott Bay were determined from samples collected in February and September 1980. The results indicate that Mn scavenging in the water column is coincident with enrichments of Cr, Ni, Cu, Zn, and Pb in the suspended matter, suggesting a possible enrichment of these trace elements in a hydrous Mn oxide phase. This process occurs primarily in the sub-surface waters of Elliott Bay. Since mass balance calculations show a net export of Mn out of the bay, this mechanism may be an important means of transporting toxic trace metals from polluted estuaries and embayments to cleaner coastal environments.

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