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FY 2016

A Science Plan for Carbon Cycle Research in North American Coastal Waters

Benway, H., S. Alin, E. Boyer, W.-J. Cai, P. Coble, J. Cross, M. Friedrichs, M. Goñi, P. Griffith, M. Herrmann, S. Lohrenz, J. Mathis, G. McKinley, R. Najjar, C. Pilskaln, S. Siedlecki, and R. Smith

In Report of the Coastal CARbon Synthesis (CCARS) community workshop, Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry Program and North American Carbon Program, 19–21 August 2014, 84 pp, doi: 10.1575/1912/7777, Published online (Woods Hole Open Access Server) (2016)

No abstract.

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