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FY 2016

The current status of the real-time in situ Global Ocean Observing System for operational oceanography

Legler, D.M., H.J. Freeland, R. Lumpkin, G. Ball, M.J. McPhaden, S. North, R. Cowley, G.J. Goni, U. Send, and M.A. Merrifield

J. Oper. Oceanogr., 8(Suppl. 2), S189–S200, doi: 10.1080/1755876X.2015.1049883 (2015)

The GODAE-OceanView collection of papers primarily concerns the development of ocean data-assimilation models for operational oceanography. However, these models cannot function without a secure supply of in situ ocean data in near real-time. Several projects and programmes supply such data. The purpose of this paper is to review these data sources and describe the history, present status, future and robustness of these programmes. The conclusion is that though challenges continue with some components of the Global Ocean Observing System, overall the system continues to evolve and improve. The data are available in real-time to drive assimilation models, and expectations are increasing for more observational data. The prospects for the next 10 years seem to be good. All of the systems are evolving and there is little doubt that the Global Ocean Observing System will look different 10 years from now as new technologies emerge and capabilities improve.

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