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FY 2015

Methods for analyzing the concentration and speciation of major and trace elements in marine particles

Lam, P.J., B.S. Twining, C. Jeandel, A. Roychoudhury, J. Resing, P.H. Santschi, and R.F. Anderson

Prog. Oceanogr., 133, 32–42, doi: 10.1016/j.pocean.2015.01.005 (2015)

Particles influence trace element and isotope (TEI) cycles through both their elemental composition and fate and their role on the partitioning of dissolved elements through scavenging and dissolution. Because of their complex compositions, a diverse suite of methods is required to analyze marine particles. Here we review some of the varied approaches used to study particle composition, speciation and fate. We focus on high throughput analytical methods that are useful for the international GEOTRACES program, and we also describe new spectroscopic techniques that are now being applied to study the spatial distribution and chemical speciation of TEIs in marine particles.

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