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FY 2011

Status and trends of the Alaska Current region, 2003-2008

Mundy, P.R., D.M. Allen, J.L. Boldt, N.A. Bond, S. Dressel, E.V. Farley, Jr., D.H. Hanselman, J. Heifetz, R.R. Hopcroft, M.A. Janout, C. Ladd, R.C. Lam, P.A. Livingston, C.R. Lunsford, J.T. Mathis, F.J. Mueter, C.N. Rooper, N. Sarkar, S.A.K. Shotwell, M.V. Sturdevant, A.C. Thomas, T.J. Weingartner, and D. Woodby

In Marine Ecosystems of the North Pacific Ocean, 2003-2008, S. M. McKinnell and M. J. Dagg (eds.), PICES Special Publication 4, 142-195 (2010)

No abstract.

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