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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 2010

Observing systems needed to address sea-level rise and variability

Wilson, W.S., W. Abdalati, D. Alsdorf, J. Benveniste, H. Bonekamp, J.G. Cogley, M.R. Drinkwater, L.-L. Fu, R. Gross, B.J. Haines, D.E. Harrison, G.C. Johnson, M. Johnson, J.L. LaBrecque, E.J. Lindstrom, M.A. Merrifield, L. Miller, E.C. Pavlis, S. Piotrowicz, D. Roemmich, D. Stammer, R.H. Thomas, E. Thouvenot, and P.L. Woodworth

In Understanding Sea-Level Rise and Variability, J.A. Church, P.L. Woodworth, T.A. Aarup, and W. Stanley Wilson (eds.), Wiley-Blackwell, 376–401 (2010)

No abstract.

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