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FY 2009

New maps of California to improve tsunami preparedness

Barberopoulou, A., J.C. Borrero, B. Uslu, N. Kalligeris, J.D. Goltz, R.I. Wilson, and C.E. Synolakis

Eos Trans. AGU, 90(16), 137–144, doi: 10.1029/2009EO160001 (2009)

On 25 April 1992, an M 7.1 earthquake shook the coast of Cape Mendocino near Petrolia, Calif., followed by two large aftershocks (both M ∼6.6) the next day. Although no lives were lost in these temblors, 98 people were injured. These earthquakes heavily damaged older structures within this sparsely populated, mountainous region, causing more than US$66 million in losses.

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