National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
United States Department of Commerce


FY 2006

Management of NOAA's carbon monitoring network, Project 1: CLIVAR/CO2 repeat hydrography program CO2 synthesis science team; Project 2: An end-to-end data management system for ocean pCO2 measurements; etc.

Feely, R.A., R. Wanninkhof, C.L. Sabine, T.-H. Peng, R. Key, F. Millero, A. Dickson, A. Kozyr, and S.C. Hankin

In Annual Report on The State of the Ocean and the Ocean Observing System for Climate, Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2005, J.M. Levy (ed.), NOAA/Climate Program Office/Office of Climate Observation, 268–281 (2006)

No abstract.

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