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FY 2006

Joint SOLAS-IMBER Ocean Carbon Research: Implementation Plan

Arrigo, K., H. Bange, R. Feely, N. Gruber, D. Hansell, G. Herndl, K. Lee, T. Johannessen, K. Johnson, A. Körtzinger, N. Metzl, T. Saino, and B. Stephens

IMBER Report No. 1/SOLAS Report, International Council for Science, Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research, 45 pp (2006)


SOLAS and IMBER have direct interest in, and responsibilities, for observations and research on several aspects of the global ocean carbon cycle. Recognising the need for scientific discussion and coordination of marine carbon research, the two SCOR/IGBP projects established a joint carbon implementation group. The first task of the SOLAS/IMBER carbon group was to develop this joint implementation plan.

The Joint SOLAS-IMBER Ocean Carbon Research Implementation Plan sets out research priorities for ocean carbon research to be conducted over the next ten years. It is understood that these priorities will evolve as new knowledge and questions develop.

The document is structured around three main sections: carbon inventories and fluxes, sensitivity to global change, and the air-sea flux of N2O and CH4. These sections are mapped onto SOLAS Activities and IMBER Themes and Issues of similar intent. Within each section, specific objectives have been identified and implementation requirements described. The approaches recommended for meeting these objectives include: timeseries, global pCO2 fluxes, boundaries, fates, carbon transformations, experimental manipulations, VOS, pCO2 systems in coastal regions, air-sea gas exchange, and process studies.

We encourage scientists from the international ocean carbon community to meet the challenges laid out in this implementation plan.

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