National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
United States Department of Commerce


FY 2007

The United States Surface Ocean–Lower Atmospheric Study (SOLAS), Science Implementation Strategy

McGillis (chair and ed.), W., R. Duce, D. Erickson, C. Fairall, D. Farmer, R. Feely, B. Huebert, W. Jenkins, W. Keene, R. Kiene, P. Matrai, K. Melville, W. Miller, R. Najjar, E. Saltzman, P. Schlosser, D. Siegel, W.-J. Cai, D. Ho, S. Doney, K. Johnson, C. McNeil, M.J. Perry, J. Prospero, O. Schofield, P. Shepson, D. Turk, and R. Wanninkhof

Published in collaboration with the U.S. Ocean Carbon and Biogeochemistry (OCB) program and the International integrated Marine Biogeochemistry Ecosystem Research (IMBER) and SOLAS programs, 123 pp (2006)

No abstract.

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