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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 2005

An Indian Ocean moored buoy array for climate

McPhaden, M.J.

In The State of the Ocean and the Ocean Observing System for Climate, Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2004, NOAA/OGP/Office of Climate Observation, Section 3.22a, 197–200 (2005)

This continuation proposal requests funds to maintain 3 mooring sites in the equatorial Indian Ocean as part of a fledgling Indian Ocean moored buoy array. This work is a contribution to NOAA's effort to “Build a Sustained Ocean Observing System for Climate” and supports NOAA’s strategic plan goal to "Understand Climate Variability and Change to Enhance Society's Ability to Plan and Respond." The array is part of a multi-national effort within the context of the Climate Variability and Predictability (CLIVAR) research program to improve our understanding of the Australian-Asian monsoon and its far field impacts. Management of this array is consistent with the "Ten Climate Monitoring Principles". Program oversight at the international level is through the CLIVAR/GOOS Indian Ocean Panel (IOP) and the CLIVAR/JCOMM Tropical Moored Buoy Implementation Panel (TIP). A web site for data display and access is under construction. An Add Task to expand this fledgling array to 6 sites is appended to this proposal.

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