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FY 2005

Flux mooring for the North Pacific's western boundary current: Kuroshio Extension Observatory (KEO)

Cronin, M.F., C. Meinig, and C.L. Sabine

In The State of the Ocean and the Ocean Observing System for Climate, Annual Report, Fiscal Year 2004, NOAA/OGP/Office of Climate Observation, Section 3.13a, 142–146 (2005)

As a NOAA contribution to the global network of ocean time series reference stations, an air-sea flux buoy was deployed in the Kuroshio recirculation gyre at 144.5°E, 32.3°N in June 2004. During this first deployment (June 2004-June 2005), the buoy is monitoring air-sea heat, moisture, and momentum fluxes, and surface and subsurface temperature and salinity. In June 2005, we plan to include a pCO sensor to monitor carbon flux (see Sabine Add-Task). The site is within the NSF-funded Kuroshio Extension System Study (KESS) domain and KESS has provided ship time, equipment and personnel for mooring operations. In addition, KESS will provide important oceanic data for understanding processes affecting the heat content and strength of the recirculation. Collaborations with Japanese PIs have begun and a partnership for developing and maintaining the KEO array appears to have broad support.

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