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FY 2002

A plan for data management of in situ large-scale oceanic carbon observations

Feely, R.A., and C.L. Sabine (eds.)

In Report of the Data Management Workshop, NOAA OAR Special Report, NTIS: PB??, NOAA/OAR/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory, Seattle, WA, 25–26 October 2001, 21 pp (2002)

Executive Summary

The primary goal of the Data Management Workshop was to formulate a plan for data policy, institutional arrangements, and mechanisms for dealing with new and historical oceanic CO2 data sets. The overall objective is to provide the scientific community with easy access to high-quality historical and near real-time CO2 and related data sets from the large-scale ocean carbon observing system proposed in the LSCOP report. The workshop consisted of 31 scientists, data managers, and program administrators from federal agencies, universities, and private research institutions. Two major data types were considered in the workshop: (1) discrete data from the large-scale Repeat Hydrography Program and time series stations; and (2) high-frequency data streams from shipboard underway measurements and autonomous measurements from fixed moorings and drifting buoys. The workshop participants advocated the formation of a CO2 Science Team involving CO2 scientists and data managers to collaborate in the development of standardized procedures for data reporting and quality assessment. They also emphasized the need for rapid data distribution to the scientific community via the Internet and CD-ROMs. The data access system must include a "Live Access Server" for on-line browsing that will include graphics tools to provide plots and visualizations of the data.

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