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FY 2001

Inundation modeling of local tsunamis in Puget Sound, Washington, due to potential earthquakes

Koshimura, S., and H.O. Mofjeld

In Proceedings of the International Tsunami Symposium 2001 (ITS 2001), Session 7-18, Seattle, WA, 7–10 August 2001, 861–873, (on CD-ROM) (2001)

A project is underway to assess the tsunami hazards that threaten Puget Sound communities and to provide information for tsunami planning and mitigation. It is one of the Tsunami Inundation Modeling Efforts within the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program. It is recognized that the Seattle Fault zone and other active faults in this region have the potential to generate local tsunamis. Using a finite difference model based on nonlinear shallow water wave theory and a high-resolution digital elevation model, we simulate the generation, propagation, and inundation of tsunamis in Puget Sound. The tsunamis are generated as a result of possible earthquake scenarios for the Seattle Fault and the Southern Whidbey Island Fault. The initial focus is on the major population centers and ports within the Main Basin, its bays, and side-inlets.

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