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FY 2001

Tsunami: Reduction Of Impacts through three Key Actions (TROIKA)

Bernard, E.N.

In Proceedings of the International Tsunami Symposium 2001 (ITS 2001), Session 1-1, Seattle, WA, 7–10 August 2001, 247–262, (on CD-ROM) (2001)

A review of lessons learned from over 4000 deaths due to 11 destructive tsunamis in the past decade indicate that the three activities of hazard assessment, warning guidance, and mitigation can effectively reduce the impact of tsunamis to coastal communities. These activities will be woven together into a coherent plan of action designed to help the global community threatened by tsunami hazards. An implementation plan will be presented describing the three actions:

1. Hazard Assessment—Generating local and distant tsunami inundation maps for coastal communities using internationally accepted numerical model methodology. Estimates of coastal areas susceptible to tsunami flooding will be available from a network of modelers and data managers who will be sharing community modeling tools via the Internet.

2. Mitigation—Developing response plans for emergency managers, placing tsunami evacuation signs in threatened coastal areas, and maintaining a tsunami educational program for local residents and school systems.

3. Warning Guidance—Developing and deploying a network of early warning tsunami detection buoys in the world's seismically active coastal areas to complement the global network of real-time broadband seismometers and to supplement regional tsunami warning centers.

The plan will include a schedule of implementation, costs, and possible options for funding.

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