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FY 2007

Modeling far-field tsunamis for California ports and harbors

Borrero, J., B. Uslu, C. Synolakis, and V.V. Titov

In Coastal Engineering 2006—Proceedings of the 30th International Conference, Jane McKee Smith (ed.), World Scientific, San Diego, CA, 3–8 September 2006, 1566–1578 (2007)

California has been affected by tsunamis from both the near and far-field. Tele-tsunamis such as the 1964 Alaskan and 1960 Chilean events caused damage to ports in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Near-field events such as the 1927 Point Arguello tsunami affected the ports in Morro Bay along the central coast. Limited experience with tsunamis in modern ports, combined with the dense coastal land use and the importance of California’s maritime facilities on the regional and global economies makes this a problem of paramount importance. This paper describes the creation of a database of tsunami modeling results for California ports and harbors based on realistic geophysical scenarios.

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