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FY 2007

GeoFish—Integration of fisheries models with GIS

Vance, T.C., S. Mesick, and C.W. Moore

In Proceedings of the ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, CA, 19–22 June 2007 (2007)

In GeoFish, we have provided a prototype of integrating a GIS with oceanographic and fisheries models. Scientists are able to use a graphical interface to display datasets, select the data to be used, set the weights for factors in the model and execute the model. The results are returned to the GIS for display and spatial analysis. The project creates a framework for linking to other types of fisheries, oceanographic, and ecosystem models. We visualize and analyze the results of two models; a model for predator-prey interactions and a model to look at the effects of climate change on the recruitment of a fish species. The first model is an individual-based model (IBM) that models the fate of individuals using characteristics such as age, size and prey consumption. The second model is a nutrient-phytoplankton-zooplankton (NPZ) model looking at the effects of climate change on the early life history of fish.

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