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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 2001

The RIDGE seafloor observatory at the Cleft Segment: Investigation of linkages between geodetic, geophysical, geochemical, and water column processes

Chadwick, W., E. Baker, D. Butterfield, P. Canales, S. Carbotte, D. Caress, D. Chadwell, R. Detrick, J. Diebold, A. Harding, J. Hildebrand, H. Jannasch, K. Johnson, G. Kent, R. Koski, J. Morton, W. Normark, M. Perfit, C. Reiss, G. Sasagawa, M. Smith, F. Spiess, D. Stakes, M.A. Tivey, S. Tucker, G. Wheat, and M. Zumberge

RIDGE Events, 11(1), February 2001, 18–24 (2001)

No abstract.

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