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FY 2001

Remotely sensed biological production in the equatorial Pacific

Turk, D., M.J. McPhaden, A.J. Busalacchi, and M.R. Lewis

Science, 293, 471–474, doi: 10.1126/science.1056449 (2001)

A combination of ship, buoy, and satellite observations in the tropical Pacific during the period from 1992 to 2000 provides a basin-scale perspective on the net effects of El Niño and La Niña on biogeochemical cycles. New biological production during the 1997-99 El Niño/La Niña period varied by more than a factor of 2. The resulting interannual changes in global carbon sequestration associated with the El Niño/La Niña cycle contributed to the largest known natural perturbation of the global carbon cycle over these time scales.

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