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FY 1976

Evidence for aggregate formation in a nepheloid layer and its possible role in the sedimentation of particulate matter

Feely, R.A.

Mar. Geol., 20(2), 7–13, doi: 10.1016/0025-3227(76)90079-7 (1976)

During cruise 73-A-3 of the R/V Aliminos, seawater samples from the nepheloid layer and overlying water were collected and filtered through 0.4 µm Millipore Ultra Thin filters for microscopic analysis with a Jeol JSM-U3 scanning electron microscope. The results of the studies of the suspended matter with the scanning electron microscope indicate that there is a significant increase in the percentage of the total number of particles that are associated as aggregates for the nepheloid layer relative to the overlying water. This suggests that once nepheloid layers are formed, they might represent regions of high sedimentation due to aggregate formation.

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