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FY 2000

Monitoring and understanding sea surface salinity changes in the tropical Pacific during the 1992–99 ENSO period

Delcroix, T., C. Henin, M. Ioualalen, M. McPhaden, J. Picaut, K. Ando, and L. Gourdeau

In Proceedings of the International Conference on The Ocean Observing System for Climate, Poster Session A, Saint-Raphael, France, 18–22 October 1999, 4 pp (2000)

This note presents the main elements of the observing system for sea surface salinity (SSS) in the tropical Pacific during the 1992–1999 ENSO period, analyzes the observed 1992–1999 variability with a special emphasis on the ENSO-related variations in the warm pool and in the equatorial band, and suggests recommendations for future in situ SSS measurements.

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