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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 2001

The RIDGE Endeavour Segment seafloor observatory: Recent successes and an overview of coordinated experiments for Y2K

Tivey, M.K., K. Bemis, A.M. Bradley, D. Butterfield, J.R. Delaney, K. Ding, R.P. Dziak, C. Fisher, C.G. Fox, S. Hautala, D. Jackson, H.W. Jannasch, H.P. Johnson, C. Jones, S.K. Juniper, D.S. Kelley, D. Kadko, M. Lilley, R.E. McDuff, P. Rona, J. Sarrazin, A. Schultz, W.E. Seyfried, Jr., R.E. Thomson, C.G. Wheat, W.S.D. Wilcock, D. Wright, and D. Yoerger

RIDGE Events, 11(1), February 2001, 10–17 (2001)

No abstract.

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