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FY 1999

Chemical and hydrographic measurements during the Indian Ocean I8 repeat cruise (IR8N) during September and October, 1995

Peltola, E., R. Wanninkhof, R. Molinari, B. Huss, R. Feely, J. Bullister, J.-Z. Zhang, F. Chavez, A. Dickson, A. Ffield, D. Hansell, F. Millero, P. Quay, R. Castle, G. Thomas, R. Roddy, T. Lantry, M. Roberts, H. Chen, D. Greeley, K. Lee, M. Roche, J.A. Goen, F. Millero III, K. Buck, M. Kelly, F. Menzia, A. Huston, T. Waterhouse, S. Becker, and C. Mordy

NOAA Data Report ERL AOML-34, NOAA/Atlantic Oceanographic and Marine Laboratory, Miami, FL, 163 pp (1998)

This document contains data and metadata from the I8 repeat cruise in the Indian Ocean cruise in 1995 from Fremantle, Australia to Male in the Maldives. From September 22 to October 25, 1995, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) sponsored an oceanographic research cruise conducted aboard the NOAA Ship Malcolm Baldrige. This report presents the analytical and quality control procedures and data from the cruise that was conducted for the Ocean-Atmosphere Carbon Exchange Study (OACES). Samples were taken at 101 stations. The data presented in this report includes: hydrography, nutrients, total dissolved inorganic carbon dioxide (DIC), fugacity of carbon dioxide (fCO2), total alkalinity (TA), pH, total organic carbon and nitrogen data (TOC/TON), chlorofluorocarbons, 13C, and biological parameters.

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