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FY 1997

Chemical and hydrographic measurements in the eastern Pacific during the CGC94 expedition (WOCE section P18)

Lamb, M.F., J.L. Bullister, R.A. Feely, G.C. Johnson, D.P. Wisegarver, B. Taft, R. Wanninkhof, K.E. McTaggart, K.A. Krogslund, C. Mordy, K. Hargreaves, D. Greeley, T. Lantry, H. Chen, B. Huss, F.J. Millero, R.H. Byrne, D.A. Hansell, F.P. Chavez, P.D. Quay, P.R. Guenther, J.-Z. Zhang, W. Gardner, M.J. Richardson, and T.-H. Peng

NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-61a, NTIS: PB97-158075, 235 pp (1997)

NOAA's Climate and Global Change (CGC) Program sponsored a major cooperative effort in the eastern Pacific along WOCE Hydrographic Programme Line P18 from 26 January to 27 April 1994. The first leg (Leg 1) consisted of a transit from Seattle to Punta Arenas, Chile. The second leg (Leg 2) covered hydrographic stations from 67°S, 103°W to 27°S, 103°W. The third leg (Leg 3) included stations between 26.5°S, 103°W and 23°N, 110°W. Full depth CTD/rosette casts were made to the ocean bottom at a nominal spacing of 30 miles on Legs 2 and 3. Water samples were collected on the casts for analyses of concentrations of salinity, DO, CFC, fCO2, DIC, TAlk, pH, TOC/TON, 13C/12C isotopes, and nutrients. Biological parameters were also sampled, and included biogenic Si, chlorophyll-a, phaeopigments, and primary productivity.

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