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FY 1996

CTD/O2 measurements collected on a Climate and Global Change Cruise (WOCE Section P18) along 110°W during January–April, 1994

McTaggart, K.E., G.C. Johnson, and B.A. Taft

NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-59, NTIS: PB96195615, 519 pp (1996)

Summaries of CTD/O measurements and hydrographic data acquired on a Climate and Global Change cruise during the spring of 1994 aboard the NOAA ship Discoverer are presented. The majority of these data were collected along WOCE section P18 from 67°S, 103°W to 23°N, 110°W. Also presented are data collected at the East Blanco Depression (44°12W, 129°42W) during the transit from Seattle to Punta Arenas, Chile. Data acquisition and processing systems are described and calibration procedures are documented. Station location, meteorological conditions, CTD/O summary data listings, profiles, and potential temperature-salinity diagrams are included for each cast. Section plots of oceanographic variables and hydrographic data listings are also given.

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