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FY 1996

Access to real-time data from the TAO Array of moored buoys via Unix/X-Windows or the World Wide Web and Mosaic

Soreide, N.N., W.H. Zhu, D.C. McClurg, M.J. McPhaden, D.W. Denbo, and M.W. Renton

In Proceedings of Oceans 95 MTS/IEEE Conference, Vol. 1, San Diego, CA, 9–12 October 1995, 360–365 (1995)

The TAO array consists of 70 moored buoys in the tropical Pacific Ocean, telemetering data in realtime via the Argos satellite. Supported by an international consortium, it is a major component of the global climate monitoring system. The TAO Display Software delivers data and displays of the real-time data from the TOGA-TAO Array of moored buoys to remote users for use in the Unix/X-windows environment, utilizing a sophisticated, automated data delivery service. Available data include real-time and historical temperature and current meter data, and computed quantities, in the form of user selectable space-time slices and line plots, with extensive user control over relevant graphing parameters. Related data sets, such as TAO buoy array map, schematic and photograph of a TAO buoy, and sample real-time data, from the TAO Project Pages on the World Wide Web. NMC model-generated data fields, TOGA drifting buoy data, and TOPEX/POSEIDON data are also available. The TAO data and display software are freely available via anonymous ftp and are widely distributed both nationally and internationally. World Wide Web pages have been developed to provide information about the TAO project, and offer user selectable graphics of TAO buoy data. A data-delivery Web page lets users download TAO buoy data from the Web. TAO Web pages include:

TAO project:

TAO Software (Unix/X-windows/Internet):

Realtime access via the Web:

Data delivery via the Web:

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