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FY 1994

U.S. tsunami measurement capabilities

González, F.I., T. Mero, and D. Castel

In Proceedings, Third UJNR Tsunami Workshop, Osaka, Japan, 27 August 1993, 46–49 (1994)

Advances in theoretical and numerical tsunami modeling have far outstripped our observational capabilities, and the paucity of high quality field observations has been a serious obstacle to further improvements in our understanding of tsunami generation, propagation and inundation dynamics. At present, there are three complementary U.S. tsunami measurement efforts in the Pacific basin: (1) the NOAA/PMEL Tsunami Project bottom pressure stations in the deep ocean, (2) the Coastal Data Information Program network of offshore shallow water pressure gauges, and (3) the NOAA/NOS Next Generation Water Level Measurement System of tide gauges in harbors and inlets.

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