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FY 1994

The TAO workstation display software for real-time data from the TOGA-TAO array of moored buoys

Soreide, N.N., D.C. McClurg, W.H. Zhu, D.W. Denbo, and M.J. McPhaden

In Oceans '93, Engineering in Harmony with the Ocean, Proceedings, Vol. III, Victoria, B.C., Canada, 18–21 October 1993, 340–343 (1993)

The TOGA-TAO Array of ATLAS wind and thermistor chain moorings and current meter moorings spans the Pacific Basin from 95°W to 137°E in the Equatorial wave guide. TOGA-TAO has a multi-national base of support, and, when completed, will consist of approximately 70 ATLAS and current meter buoys, transmitting data in real-time via the Argos satellite system. The TAO Project has developed an interactive system to distribute the real-time data from the TOGA-TAO buoys, and display it in a modern, point-and-click workstation environment. This TAO software is being expanded to provide access to gridded fields derived from the TAO data, to the historical TAO data sets, and to other related data sets. The user will have increased control of the data displays, and access to basic analysis functions.

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