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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 1993

Total CO2 and nitrate measurements in the southwest Pacific during austral autumn, 1990

Lamb, M.F., R.A. Feely, L. Moore, and D.A. Atwood

NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-42, NTIS: PB93-188415, 62 pp (1993)

During austral autumn of 1990 total CO and nitrate measurements were made in the South Pacific as part of the Climate and Global Change (C&GC) Program. Data were collected during two legs; sampling for Leg 1 began along 170°W from 15°S to 60°S, then angled northwest toward New Zealand across the Western Boundary Current. Leg 2 included a reoccupation of some stations between 30°S and 15°S on 170°W, and measurements from 15°S to 5°N along 170°W. Ancillary measurements of salinity were also taken. Descriptions of sampling and methods and data summaries are given in this report.

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