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FY 1991

Moored velocity, temperature and wind measurements in the equatorial Pacific Ocean: A review of scientific results, 1985–1990

McPhaden, M.J., and S.P. Hayes

In Proceedings of the International TOGA Scientific Conference, Report WCRP-43, World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, Honolulu, HI, 6–20 July 1990, 59–69 (1990)

In this paper we review the technical and scientific evolution of moored measurement programs during the first half of the Tropical Ocean-Global Atmosphere (TOGA) program. The emphasis will be on the Pacific where the TOGA observing array is most developed; and on the upper ocean which is most relevant in the discussion of air-sea interaction. The review is based on publications which have appeared between the start of TOGA in 1985 and the present. Among these are 65 papers that have utilized TOGA (and in some cases pre-TOGA) mooring data in the refereed literature, plus numerous contributions that have appeared in meeting proceedings, newsletters and technical reports.

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