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FY 1989

Real-time surface currents from moored buoys

Freitag, H.P., M.J. McPhaden, and A.J. Shepherd

In 1989 North American Argos Users Conference and Exhibit, Service Argos Inc., San Diego, CA, Landover, MD, 15–17 May 1989, 85–100 (1989)

Real-time near surface current and temperature are transmitted via Argos from taut-line moorings in the equatorial Pacific. The moorings are part of EPOCS and TOGA programs to study interannual variability in the wind, current, and temperature fields related to the El Niño/Southern Oscillation phenomenon. An EG&G Vector Measuring Current Meter at 8 m depth transfers serial data at two-hour intervals to an Argos transmitter on a surface buoy via a 3-wire conducting cable and interface. Four two-hour average data values are included in each Argos transmission. This sample rate assures complete daily coverage on the equator. The system is presently incorporated on moorings at 0°, 110°W, 0°, 140°W, and 0°, 165°E which are replaced at 6-month intervals. An independent instrument package on the buoy transmits vector-averaged winds, air and sea-surface temperature. These current meter moorings are a part of a larger network of moorings which cover the equatorial Pacific from 165°E to 110°W.

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