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FY 1989

Decreased fluxes of Pb, Cu and Zn from Elliott Bay

Paulson, A.J., T.P. Hubbard, H.C. Curl, Jr., R.A. Feely, T.E. Sample, and R.G. Swartz

In Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium on Coastal and Ocean Management, Vol. 4, ASCE, Charleston, SC, 11–14 July 1989, 3916–3930 (1989)

Fluxes of dissolved Pb, Cu and Zn to Elliott Bay, Washington from industrial sources were calculated from metal-salinity plots and freshwater discharge rates. The changes in these calculated fluxes were used to evaluate the effectiveness of pollution abatement programs. Between 1981 and 1985, initial pollution abatement actions were directed at many commercial and industrial dischargers along the Duwamish Waterway and on Harbor Island including a secondary lead smelter site and shipbuilding facilities. Subsequently, the dissolved Pb flux to Elliott Bay from industrial flux of dissolved Cu decreased by a factor of 5, and the industrial flux of dissolved Zn remained unchanged. The closure of one shipyard, reduced activity at another and better management practices decreased the industrial fluxes of dissolved Cu and Zn to Elliott Bay in 1986 by 75% and 90%, respectively.

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