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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 1988

Tsunami source definition through pre- and post-event seafloor mapping

González, F.I., C. Fox, and E.N. Bernard

In Proceedings of the Third Biennial National Ocean Service International Hydrographic Conference, Baltimore, MD, 12–15 April 1988, 102–108 (1988)

Accurate specification of a tsunami source is a serious and long-standing research problem. Existing seafloor mapping technology could provide estimates of permanent seafloor displacements through pre- and post-event surveys taken before and after major oceanic earthquakes. It is probable that the next major tsunamigenic earthquake which threatens the United States will occur shoreward of the Aleutian trench near the Shumagin Islands, in a region known as the Shumagin Seismic Gap. We urge the expeditious mapping of this area to ensure that a pre-event survey is completed before the predicted earthquake.

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