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Atmospheric Administration
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FY 1982

Hydrographic measurements during the 1978 Cooperative Soviet-American Tsunami Expedition

Pullen, P.E., and H.M. Byrne

NOAA Data Report ERL PMEL-4, NTIS: PB82-215096, 168 pp (1981)

Hydrographic data were taken during the Second Cooperative Soviet-American Tsunami Expedition in August-September 1978. CTD and XBT stations are taken in the Pacific Equatorial region near 155°E and in the Kuroshio region. The CTD station data presented include profiles of temperature, salinity, and sigma-T versus pressure, tables of temperature, salinity, sigma-T and dynamic depth anomaly at standard pressures, and the meteorological conditions at the station. The XBT station data include profiles of temperature versus pressure and tables of the temperature values at standard pressure.

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