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FY 1978

Open ocean tide modelling

Parke, M.E.

In Proceedings of the 9th GEOP Conference, An International Symposium on the Applications of Geodesy to Geodynamics, Columbus, OH, 2–5 October 1978, 289–297 (1978)

The period since the first GEOP conference in 1972 has seen marked changes in global tidal modelling, with many new tools produced in the past two years. Two trends have been evident. The first centers on the incorporation of terms for ocean loading and gravitational self attraction into Laplace's Tidal Equations (LTE). The second centers on a better understanding of the problem of near resonant modelling and the need for realistic maps of tidal elevation for use by geodesists and geophysicists. These trends are described. Although new models still show significant differences, especially in the South Atlantic, there are significant similarities in many of the world's oceans. This allows suggestions to be made for future locations for bottom pressure gauge measurements. Where available, estimates of M2 tidal dissipation from the new models are significantly lower than estimates from previous models. The new estimates are consistent with recent estimates of the rate of deceleration of the lunar longitude.

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