National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration
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Dr. Adrienne J. Sutton

Staff Affiliation: 
PMEL Division: 
Ocean Climate
PMEL Project: 
Ocean Carbon

Research Interests

My research centers around the patterns of air-sea CO2 exchange and ocean acidification in open ocean, coastal, and coral reef environments. Specifically, I am interested in using interdisciplinary approaches to explore how physical and biological mechanisms, such as the El Nino/Southern Oscillation and coral reef metabolism, drive variations in ocean carbon chemistry across time and space. These approaches include using autonomous instrumentation on buoys and other platforms to better understand natural variability and long-term trends in ocean carbon.

I am also interested in how science can inform management and policy discussions.  I worked in Washington DC as a Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellow and Congressional Affairs Specialist at NOAA for 3 years covering ocean and atmospheric research topics, especially climate change, addressed by the U.S. Congress.  I continue to pursue my interests in science policy and outreach.

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