Essays on the Arctic

The warmest January/February in the Arctic (2016)
Wang essay Muyin Wang

Why is the Arctic so sensitive to climate change and why do we care?
Serreze essay Mark Serreze

hy and how do scientists study climate change in the Arctic? What are the Arctic climate indices?

Bond, Overland, and Soreide essay
Nick Bond/James Overland/Nancy Soreide

he short Arctic summer of 2004 - as observed by the North Pole Web Cam

Untersteiner essay
Norbert Untersteiner

rctic summer time - the puzzling summer of 2003

Untersteiner essay
Norbert Untersteiner
How rapidly is permafrost changing and what are the impacts of these changes?
Romanovsky essay
Vladimir E. Romanovsky

hat changes are indigenous peoples observing in the state of sea ice?
Mattlin and Huntington workshop summary
Shari Gearheard

hanges in Arctic sea ice over the past 50 years: Bridging the knowledge gap between the scientific community and the Alaska Native community.
Mattlin and Huntington workshop summary
Rob Mattlin/Henry Huntington

ow have changes in Arctic environment over the past 50 years affected the Alaska Native community?
Pungowiyi essay
Caleb Pungowiyi

ow has the intensity of UVB radiation changed recently in the Arctic, and what significance might these changes have?

Weatherhead essay
Betsy Weatherhead

ow does Arctic Sea Ice Form and Decay?

Wadhams essay
Peter Wadhams

hat changes have occurred in Arctic sea ice volume and dynamics over the past 50 years?

Untersteiner essay
Norbert Untersteiner

ow might sea level be affected by changes in the Arctic land ice?
Barry essay
Roger Barry

hat long term trends and decadal changes do you see occurring in the Arctic atmosphere, and what significance do they have?

Walsh essay
John Walsh

ow well can Arctic climate be simulated by computer-based models?

Lynch essay
Amanda Lynch

s mercury a significant contaminant in the Arctic?

Lindberg and Brooks essay
Steve Lindberg/Steve Brooks

hat research needs and prioritites are important to Arctic development?

Parker essay
Walter B. Parker
What do we know about organisms that thrive in Arctic sea ice?
Krembs and Deming essay

hat do we know about communities of organisms thriving around vents and seeps on the Arctic sea floor?
Vogt essay
Peter Vogt

rctic Wolves and their prey

Mech essay
L. David Mech

hat has been happening to polar bears in recent decades?
Schliebe essay
Scott L. Schliebe

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