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Ocean Acidification

Puget Sound Marine Waters 2017 Overview Report Released

A new report finds that Puget Sound’s unusually warm water temperatures that prevailed throughout the West Coast since 2014 finally returned to normal in 2017. Although water temperatures recovered, life within those waters has not. In general, biological observations within Puget Sound revealed that the abundance of many marine animals throughout the food web are still lower than usual. In addition, the region experienced both the wettest spring and driest summer ever recorded in 2017.

Image of a NANOOS Oceanic Remote Chemical Analyzer (ORCA) buoy which has a PMEL moored pCO2 system installed

PMEL moored pCO2 (MAPCO2) systems have been installed on NANOOS Oceanic Remote Chemical Analyzer (ORCA) buoys in Twanoh and Dabob Bay as a collaborative effort between PMEL and the University of Washington to collect carbon dioxide data in Puget Sound. Photo Credit: Wendi Ruef/University of Washington


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