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PMEL Scientists Shape Understanding of Ecosystem Processes in the Bering Sea

November 13, 2014

Deep Sea Research Part II just published a special issue on research in the Bering Sea.   Ten PMEL and Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean scientists contributed to this issue.  The Bering Sea Project: Volume III documents the findings of six years of research and the partnership of two ecosystem programs. 

The NSF-funded Bering Ecosystem Study (BEST) and the NPRB-funded Bering Sea Integrated Ecosystem Research Program (BSIERP), with in-kind contributions from NOAA and the US Fish and Wildlife Service, have shed light on ecosystem dynamics and how the region may respond to climate change.  In particular, researchers found that when and where the sea ice extends are major factors that determine productivity and impact the entire ecosystem of the Bering Sea.   To find out more information about these exciting programs, visit the EcoFOCI and BEST-BSIERP websites.