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PMEL Scientists return to the Submarine Ring of Fire

The Champagne vent field at NW Eifuku seamount. Image courtesy of Submarine Ring of Fire 2014 - Ironman, NOAA/PMEL, NSF.

December 01, 2014

On November 29th, 2014, 11 PMEL, JISAO, and CIMRS scientists embarked on an exciting journey aboard the R/V Roger Revelle to revisit the Submarine Ring of Fire. Located west of the Mariana trench, the mission will visit NW Eifuku and NW Rota, two active hydrothermal systems where scientists will examine the emission of carbon dioxide as it provides a natural laboratory to observe and measure how ocean acidification can affect marine ecosystems.  The cruise is funded by NSF and NOAA's Ocean Exploration and Research program.

Follow along with the scientists on the Ocean Explorer website where mission logs will be updated regularly.