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PMEL Scientists and Engineers Head Back to Axial Seamount

3D image of Axial Seamount bathymetry

3D image of Axial Seamount bathymetry

August 11, 2014

Starting on August 10, scientists and engineers from PMEL and the Joint Institute for the Study of Atmosphere and Ocean will be leading a mission on the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown using the remotely operated vehicle Jason II to conduct time-series observations and sampling at the New Millenium Observatory (NeMO) at Axial Seamount off the Oregon coast, the site of a long-term seafloor observatory (since 1998!). 

A new microbial incubator, developed and built by PMEL engineers, will be deployed on Jason to conduct microbial growth experiments on the seafloor. Also included on this mission are the recovery of heat-energy extraction test instruments deployed in 2013 and collection of large-volume samples for the study of viruses in hydrothermal fluids. Please visit PMEL's Earth-Ocean Interactions website for more information on NeMO.

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